Top Gear magazine's Car of the Year 2018: Ford Fiesta ST

The Ford Fiesta ST has proved to be a very popular car in 2018. It has been voted as the 'Hot Hatch of the Year' and 'Car of the Year 2018 by Top Gear magazine.

A Top Gear Winner

A Top Gear award winner represents the best of the best, a car that delivers more than just transport, a car that will improve every journey, make you smile every morning and possess a fitness for purpose that elevates it above the competition.

Top Gear's Chris Harris has comment 'the Fiesta ST is the best small hatch on sale; quite possibly the best one ever built.'

Hot Hatch of the Year

Top Gear Magazine has commented "The ST was a car that was exactly as good as the sum of its parts, because they were all really good parts. Strong engine, good gearshift, the already amusing chassis of the regular Fiesta - it would have been harder for Ford to get it wrong that oh, so right.”

Car of the Year 2018

The ST is ticking with energy. It’s a car desperate to entertain, to make every journey just a little bit more enjoyable than it might have been in another car. And it’s fast. One of the most amusing things about having an ST around is persuading people who have graduated away and (supposedly) above this type of car back into the Fiesta and watching the way they respond.

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