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When your car is in need of new parts, it’s essential that you use the offical ones to ensure your car’s warranty remains in place. By choosing genuine parts, your car will also retain its value much easier, and it’s safer to use the ones that are specifically made for its make and model. Plus, you can rest assured that your car will enjoy the same refined performance you expect.

Car parts need replacing for a number of reasons. Over time, they suffer lots of wear and tear, which can make them less effective at their job and your car less safe to drive. Sometimes they break, which causes problems for other components in your car, which can be costly to fix. We can help you with almost any replacement part you need. Our technicians will order the part for you and fix it while giving your car a thorough health check to make sure everything is working as it should when we hand you back the keys.

At Birchwood FORD, we only use official FORD parts with any repairs that require replacements. It’s part of our commitment to quality with everything we do, and we’re able to source a long list of parts for all FORD models, including the more obscure components. Get us to repair your car and replace the parts, and you can drive away with complete peace of mind that your car has been cared for by an expert.

Whether we’re replacing a part due to a repair, or you’ve chosen to order one yourself, you’ll enjoy competitive and fair prices from us. We are a leading dealership in the area, and we want to maintain our reputation for offering excellent value for money and quality.

It’s not just parts on offer; we have access to the full suite of accessories, too. Make your car more suited to your needs and tastes with stylish extras and convenience tools.

Contact us today, online or over the phone, to discuss any parts you require or to book your car in for a repair with our specialist technicians in Eastbourne or Chichester.

Ford Accessory
Ford Accessory