Ford Reverse Gear Activated Rear View Camera

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What is the Ford Reverse Gear Activated Rear View Camera?

As the name suggests, being able to see what is behind you when reversing is made much easier with this Ford Technology, as a camera mounted in the rear bumper transmits video footage to a small screen integrated in to the rear view mirror. It can be tough sometimes getting a clear view of what is behind you, if your view is limited or obstructed for instance, especially in city environments when high kerbs, low walls and bollards can all be difficult to see.

How Does it work?

When you put the vehicle in reverse gear, the camera is activated and the integrated screen displays footage, allowing you to see what's behind you via the wide angle lens. In addition, the screen will also display virtual lines to help guide you into a parking space at an ideal angle. Once you've finished parking or moving, take the vehicle our of reverse gear and the system is turned off.

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