Ford Trailer Sway Control

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What is Ford Trailer Sway Control?

Each Ford vehicle has been designed to provide maximum grip and handling at a variety of speeds when travelling on the road. When a trailer is attached, this can significantly affect the handling abilities of your vehicle, particularly at higher speeds or poor weather conditions such as strong winds. With Ford Trailer Sway control, if a trailer starts to have negative effects on your vehicle, the system is able to take measures to reduce these effects.

How Does it Work?

The Ford Trailer Sway Control system is able to apply brakes to individual wheels as required in order to reduce the impact of a trailer which is starting to sway. The system can also reduce the power of the engine to reduce speed in order to stop any negative effects occuring from a trailer starting to sway. Alerts will also appear on your instrument panel to make the driver aware of issues that are occuring.

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