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The Birchwood Group is an expert motor group with many years of experience within the automotive industry. We have been trading new and approved used cars for generations, specialising in Ford, ŠKODA, Kia and Mitsubishi. If you are considering purchasing or leasing your next vehicle, why not have a valuation carried out on your current model beforehand.

At Birchwood, we have a free online and showroom service where one of our experts will provide you with a valuation on your vehicle. We can also advise on your desired model and help you come to a clearer decision – you may be pleasantly surprised about what we can offer you.

Before entering your details online, check whether your vehicle falls into the category of ‘showroom’, ‘average’, or ‘below average’ condition, you will then receive the most accurate and realistic estimate of your vehicle’s true value. If you are unsure, there are tabs on the page that outline specific details about what constitutes these conditions.

It only takes a matter of minutes to value your vehicle online. Simply enter your car’s registration number followed by your personal details and you will receive your free valuation. With Birchwood, we have your interests at hand and we promise no obligation to act upon valuing your vehicle. Many drivers choose to value their vehicle to get an idea about how much their car may be worth, or to help them plan financially for their next car purchase or lease.

Contact our friendly team today for more information on our free valuation service. We can also book an appointment for you – by paying us a visit we can look at your model in person. We will inspect both the interior and the exterior and provide an honest and accurate valuation. From here, we can help you discuss your options whether you want to carry out a part-exchange or straight sell.

Birchwood Group is based in several locations across Sussex. To speak to an advisor for more information on the range of services and more information on our valuations, give us a call or use the Live Chat button.