Our Departments

Working at Birchwood Group is about far more than just vehicle sales and repairs. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to establish an organisation that feels more like a family than a business. Our employees are the key to the success of our company, which is why we believe in helping every employee find the right role for them. Whether that’s in a customer-facing capacity or as part of the backroom team, or even working in a hands-on role helping maintain our customers’ vehicles, you’ll receive regular feedback that will help your career develop.

It’s by no means unusual for those working at Birchwood Group to move from one department within the business to another, so understanding the responsibilities of each will help you forge the career path that best suits you. We’re committed to helping you be the best you can be, and will also support you through teamwork and mentoring. Learn more about the various departments today.


Our sales teams are those employees that will provide customers with a warm and friendly welcome to our dealerships. They are responsible for helping customers find the ideal vehicle for their needs, identifying the many attributes provided and even accompanying them on a test drive. Our sales executives are typically enthusiastic about the vehicles we sell and will be able to answer any questions posed by our customers. Plus, of course, they help manage the buying process of any new or used car from beginning to end, helping our customers secure the best possible value for money on their chosen vehicle.

Central Services Team

You’d be forgiven for thinking that working in a car dealership means selling vehicles to customers or helping fix and repair models in a workshop. The reality is that there is much more that happens behind the scenes than you might expect.

Here at Birchwood Group, we have a central services team that is responsible for many other functions of our business, ranging from human resources through to accountancy. As such, we regularly have positions open up that will suit those looking to develop administrative and professional skills.

Aftersales Team

The aftersales team is one of the most vital in our organisation, responsible for helping our customers keep their vehicles in the best condition for as long as possible. From answering calls through to hands-on repairs and maintenance by qualified technicians, there’s a host of responsibilities undertaken by the team. 

For those looking to work within the workshop, we provide extensive training and assessment, thereby ensuring you’re able to meet the standards set by those manufacturers we proudly represent.


Breaking into any industry requires both an element of luck and lots of hard work. At Birchwood Group, we understand that for any young person looking to join the highly competitive automotive industry, practical experience, excellent support, and extensive mentoring are vital.

Through our apprenticeships programme, you will be able to learn all the skills necessary to forge a successful career in the industry, working alongside experienced professionals and receiving the very best in manufacturer training.