Birchwood ŠKODA Servicing 

​Why Birchwood?

ŠKODA drivers enjoy more than just great cars. They also benefit from long-term support from ŠKODA while they’re the owners of these practical, smart and reliable family cars. It’s all down to the dealerships that represent ŠKODA, which must maintain certain standards in everything they do, including servicing. 

Birchwood ŠKODA is proud to be an approved ŠKODA dealership in Eastbourne. This means that our servicing has been deemed to be of a high quality, and we work hard to maintain our relationship with the car brand by maintaining these standards.

Come to us for your car’s servicing and you can rest assured that your ŠKODA will be in safe hands. Our technicians and advisers are trained by ŠKODA, and the workshop is fitted with approved tools. We also use offical ŠKODA parts and accessories to ensure your car enjoys the same refined performance you enjoyed when you first bought it.

​Getting your car serviced

It’s important that your car is serviced regularly by a trained professional. If it misses out on servicing appointments, you might not know about underlying problems that could flare up and cause a breakdown at any time. 

We want as many ŠKODA drivers as possible to get their cars serviced regularly, so we offer fixed prices to make the work much more attractive.

We offer a number of services to keep your car in great condition. 


All cars over three years old are required to have an annual MOT. We can do yours for as little as £39.

​Minor service​

Once a year, or every 10,000 miles, we recommend a minor service. Our technicians will replace a number of important fluids, run a diagnostic health check, and update the software. We’ll make sure it’s noted in your service history, too.

​Major service

Every two years or 24,000 miles it’s important to have a major service, as your car may have experienced more wear and tear. Along with what’s included in a minor service, we’ll run more in-depth checks on a number of components, including the brakes, gearbox, suspension, heating and belts. 

Skoda Servicing
Skoda-Approved Service

Air conditioning service

After a while, air conditioning units start to release an unpleasant smell and simply don’t work as well. With a service, we’ll replenish the various liquids so they are fresh and check it over to make sure it’s working properly.

​Replacement parts and fluids

A number of parts and fluids need replacing at certain times to make sure your car performs well and is safe to drive. As standard, we offer the following replacements at fixed price rates:

  • Brake fluid
  • 4x4 transmission oil
  • DSG oil 
  • AdBlue top-up
  • Front brakes
  • Rear brakes
  • Front brakes and disks
  • Rear brakes and disks
  • Batteries (with and without start/stop technology)
  • Cambelt (with and without water pump)
  • Clutch
  • To book an appointment for a ŠKODA-approved service with us in the near future, and to find out more about our prices, contact us today.