ŠKODA Awards

As a car brand that’s made real headway in the motoring industry thanks to its focus on reliability and practicality, it will comes as no surprise to learn that ŠKODA’s many models have been scooping awards.

Big names in the car journalism world such as What Car? and Auto Express praise many of the models, and even the brand itself has been commended on its commitment to quality. You can see which models they favoured on this page. Click on the different years below to find out which cars were commended and why they won such prestigious accolades. We’ve included a summary of the awards and the models to give you an idea of why each car is deserving of such an award.

You’ll notice that the Fabia, Superb and Octavia are consistently awarded accolades. Practical cars with a sense of style and a range of technologies, they’re great choices for families who need cars that they can rely on every day, whether they’re doing the school run or commuting to meetings.

Outside the world of awards, ŠKODA is gaining great popularity here in the UK. The family cars suit lots of drivers and they’re a cost-effective choice too. Ranging from the Citigo city car through to the Kodiaq SUV, it’s a diverse collection. Whether you need a quick and frugal runaround or a sleek saloon for relaxing commutes and weekends away as a family, there is a model to suit you. Even if the ŠKODA you like hasn’t won an award, you can rest assured that it shares the same high-quality construction as the models that have been awarded accolades.

Read through the award summaries on this page to find out why ŠKODA is one the most talked-about car brands of the moment. You can explore the models with full details on our website, or in person at our showrooms in Eastbourne and Chichester, where you can enjoy a test drive.