The award-winning plug-in hybrid SUPERB iV is now available at Birchwood ŠKODA in Eastbourne and Chichester. A stylish hatch that has accolades to evidence all that it has to offer, the SUPERB iV is smooth, sleek and sophisticated.
All-New ŠKODA SUPERB-iV The mixture of electric and combustion engines has so many benefits to it that you’ll wonder why you didn’t make it yours sooner. With three driving modes and an electric-only range of 35 miles, this powertrain is powerful, economical and thrilling, all at once.

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Standout Exterior The design of the SUPERB iV is that of an executive car. Smooth, aerodynamic lines, elongated LED lights, and a stylised chrome front grille which cleverly incorporates the charging socket make the SUPERB iV a thing of beauty.
Stylish Interior The interior of the SUPERB iV matches the expectation set by the exterior. High-quality leather upholstery and heated front seats add luxury and comfort, while a touchscreen display with integrated WiFi and wireless SmartLink for easy smartphone connectivity add a technical edge.
Charging made Easy To make the most of the hybrid technology, you have three driving modes available: electric, hybrid and sport. Electric will make use of the emission-free power with an electric-only range of 35 miles. Hybrid will make use of both power sources, seamlessly transitioning you without you even noticing. Sport, meanwhile, gives a boost of 218PS full hybrid power.
Charge Remotely The electric technology in this car makes the most of every single bit of charge to deliver a hybrid driving range of 578 miles. A highly economical 1.4 TSI iV petrol engine and 13kWh battery-powered motor are complemented by adaptive cruise control, so you can relax and enjoy your drive.
Power & Distance Dynamic driving doesn’t get any better than the SUPERB iV. With smooth transitions between power sources and a maximum power output of 160 kW (218 PS) in Sport mode, you can feel the responsiveness. You can hear it too. In electric mode, an E-noise sound generator mimics engine noise to alert pedestrian road users to the approach of the car.
Busy with Connectivity A standard domestic outlet will charge the car with a Mode 2 cable in five hours. A Mode 3 fast charge connection will lower that to three and a half hours. Regenerative braking technology means that the car is self-charging when using the petrol engine, as naturally occurring power is being harnessed and used to recharge the battery.

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