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Businesses already have lots of costs to cover, so why not let us make your life easier with our easy paying options.

By leasing your company’s vans from us, you can enjoy fixed monthly payments to help manage your cash flow. When you lease rather than purchase vehicles, you don’t have to worry about value deprecation and the impact it can have on your business when you need to refresh your fleet of vans. Instead, we organise a lease that has a term length that’s convenient and cost-effective to you, and then you hand back the vans. At this point, you can take out a new contract to get brand new, reliable Ford vans to drive.

We offer leasing finance options on all of the new vans and follow a bespoke service promise to make sure we can cater to as many businesses as possible. When you lease vans from us, we will create a tailormade plan with manageable monthly payments. You can decide the lease term and when you make the payment. It’s all about finding the most hassle-free and cost-effective option for your business so you can get on with running other important aspects of your company.

Here are just some of our rates across the Ford Commercial range. These are based on a 15-0-59 term with 10,000 per annum. Missing a model or would like a personalised quote? Why not speak to one of our friendly team and contact us in branch today.


Model Monthly Payment Term
Transit Courier Base £129.00 15-0-59
Transit Courier Trend
£139.00 15-0-59
Transit Courier Sport £149.00 15-0-59
Transit Connect Base £139.00 15-0-59
Transit Connect Trend £149.00 15-0-59
Transit Connect Limited £159.00 15-0-59
Transit Custom Trend £169.00 15-0-59
Transit Custom Limited £189.00 15-0-59
Transit Custom Sport £219.00 15-0-59
Ranger Limited £239.00 15-0-59
Ranger Wildtrak £249.00 15-0-59


Fiesta Van

Based on the best-selling car, the Fiesta Van has the body of the supermini with the rear seats removed to create more room for tools and parcels. It’s easy to drive and park, making it ideal for city-based companies.

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Ford Fiesta Van Side View


Ford Transit Courier Side View

Transit Courier

A compact van, the Courier is perfect for businesses that need to transport packages. Get around with ease and carry all the packages you need.

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Transit Connect

For more space but just as much driving enjoyment, the Transit Connect is a suitable choice. It’s larger than the Courier and available as a taxi service model too.

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Ford Transit Connect Side View


Ford Transit Custom Side View

Transit Custom

Get plenty of loadspace for tools or large items and enjoy driving a comfortable van. It’s a classic panel van that’s smaller than the Transit Van, making it a versatile choice.

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Transit Van 

The largest in the range, the Ford Transit Van has a cavernous load space, provided by the tall height, and a powerful engine to transport heavy items. 

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Ford Transit Side View


Ford Ranger Front View


Made for rural roads, the tough Ranger pick-up truck is strong and resilient. It can perform on difficult surfaces and has a spacious load area for carrying the tools you need.

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