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Ford Pro Software is the name given to a suite of software applications that deliver essential, actionable data while providing real-time visibility on all your commercial vehicles. It’s designed to help your business enjoy enhanced vehicular uptime, safety and security.

Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, Ford Pro Software will help you improve productivity and keep your business moving forward.

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About Ford Pass Pro Do you have a Ford commercial vehicle with a FordPass Connect modem? If so, it’s FordPass Pro-ready. FordPass Pro provides businesses with a suite of tools designed to enhance productivity by optimising vehicular health and security.
Ford Telematics Essentials Ford Telematics Essentials (FTE) is a complimentary and intuitive web-based fleet-management tool that’s created for use by businesses with more than five Ford commercial vehicles. In real time, it analyses the health of each of your connected Ford commercial vehicles. If ever an issue arises, a live alert is displayed, allowing you to plan appropriate remedial action while maximising uptime. Since FTE includes FORDLiive, you’ll be able to directly share data with us in order that rapid, smart repairs are affected. Ford Telematics Essentials is available for all vehicles installed with a FordPass Connect modem.
New Electric Vehicle Insights Ford Pro Telematics provides you with the means to manage your fleet of Ford commercial electric vehicles efficiently and intuitively. It enables you to keep tabs on your vehicles’ locations, charging statuses, running costs and much more besides.
Always Stay Informed Ford Telematics Drive is a free app that enhances communication channels between drivers and line managers. It allows drivers to feedback essential data which can be actioned sooner rather than later. As well as highlighting maintenance issues, it facilitates easy daily vehicular checklists, among other things.