ŠKODA Sets Guinness World Record​

Roll back the clock to the 28th July 2018 where ŠKODA took part in a unforgettable world record attempt with the OCTAVIA. The record was for the farthest flight of an arrow caught by hand from a moving car. using the OCTAVIA vRS 245 estate - the frstest production OCTAVIA ever built, ŠKODA registered a staggering distance of 57.5 metres (188ft).

The record attempt called on the expertise of Austrian Olympic archer Ms Laurence Baldauff, who fired the arrow while martial arts coach Markus Haas deftly caught the flying object leaning out of the sunroof of the car.

Success or failure was a matter of millimetres and hundredths of a second. The arrow travelled at 134 miles per hour (60 metres per second) and the distance between the archer and its target was 70 metres. Because arrows fly in an arc, rather than a straight line, the distance over which the arrow could be caught from the open sunroof was reduced to about 30 metres. Haas, therefore had a window of 0.5 seconds to catch the 68-centimetre-long arrow.

The record in numbers:

  • Four months of planning
  • Arrow reached top speed of 134mph (60 metres per second)
  • 70 metre distance between the archer and its moving target
  • 0.5 seconds to catch 68-centimetre-long arrow

The record was set at the Zeltweg air base in Austria, in homage to the ŠKODA brand which has featured the winged arrow on its logo since 1926. Watch the video below!