Mitsubishi Awards 2014

Mitsubishi received glowing comments and multiple awards this year for the Outlander PHEV getting 7 awards across the motor industry.

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mitsubishi outlander phev on the road

Caravan Club: Judges Innovation Award - The PHEV was awarded for easily towing similar loads to that of its diesel rivals whilst offering the environmental benefits of its hybrid technology.

Fleet World: Best Environmental Vehicle -The judges of Fleet World praised the PHEV for the benefits it can offer fleet and company car customers, the judges said: "Mitsubishi has laid down a gauntlet to the entire motor industry with the PHEV by pricing it at the same level as the diesel the result is massive tax savings for company car drivers and realistic running cost for fleets. On top of that, it's a really nice car to drive and works very well in EV mode".

BusinessCar Techies Award: Green -awarded for its achievement in technology, BusinessCar called the PHEV a 'game-changer' when it comes to practicality and savings financially for business customers: " Plug-in tech is going to form part of fleet mobility in the near future and Mitsubishi is showing this with the correct deployment, it makes great financial sense alongside helping to enforce a firms green credentials".

Diesel Car: Best Alternative Fuel Vehicle -Put to test up against 200 over vehicles, Diesel Car found the Outlander PHEV to be unrivalled. They said: "The PHEV is one of the most significant cars of 2014 all thanks to its plug-in hybrid technology. There is generous space for five people including their luggage and what is best of all, it costs the same as the regular diesel Outlander to purchase"

Green Fleet Awards: PHEV Manufacturer of the Year - Mitsubishi Motors UK was awarded for the Outlander PHEV. This was to recognise the best plug-in hybrid vehicles in the fleet market and the benefits environmentally for fleet customers.

Next Green Car: SUV - The Outlander PHEV was awarded by setting the SUV bar high by offering a plug-in hybrid for the price of a diesel with a BIK rate of 9% this cements why the Outlander PHEV is the UK's most popular plug-in hybrid.

Green Apple: Best Electric Hybrid - Mitsubishi's ground breaking PHEV has embraced everything that is amazing about new technology without making a compromise elsewhere and can potentially save you a small fortune.