Genuine Mitsubishi Parts

Birchwood Mitsubishi

New parts may be needed during routine vehicle servicing and maintenance to replace components that have become worn or damaged. It is always strongly advised to use a genuine manufacturer part when doing so - and whenever you book a service at Birchwood Mitsubishi, you can be sure that we only use officially authorised components.

The Benefits of Genuine Parts

The main benefit of purchasing Mitsubishi parts is quality. Any genuine item you buy will have been engineered to the same specification as the original it replaces. This means the continued smooth running of your car and the satisfaction that the issue has been fully resolved. When it comes to replacing components such as brake pads and coil springs, fitting a genuine replacement is also much safer as they have been engineered to fit precisely.
As well as preserving the reliability and safety of your vehicle, approved Mitsubishi engine parts maintain optimum performance from the powertrain. This includes its efficiency, so fuel consumption and therefore running costs won’t increase. Another important reason to use authentic parts is to protect the manufacturer’s warranty. Every used Mitsubishi now comes with a five-year warranty to cover any defects caused by faulty materials or workmanship. Fitting a third-party product will invalidate this cover, making you liable for some repair costs.

Birchwood Mitsubishi’s Parts Promise

We guarantee that when you bring your car to Birchwood Mitsubishi we will use genuine parts every time a new item is required. As a Mitsubishi partner we have access to almost all the components that are needed to repair any major or minor issue. They are covered by a two-year warranty, so you can drive away from our service centre with complete confidence.

Although suppliers of third-party parts may charge a lower price than we would for a genuine alternative to tempt buyers, you can be sure that all our products are priced competitively. The same can be said for our aftersales tasks which are performed by experienced and skilled technicians.
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