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Offering zero emissions and the end to traditional fuel costs, electric vehicles provide a unique driving experience that's economically friendly. Mitsubishi has been leading the industry with electric vehicle technology, with a number of cars on sale already that incorporate EV and hybrid technology, such as the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. With no road tax to pay and the same stunning good looks the Outlander PHEV is growing in popularity. To find out more contact us today.

Why go electric?

There are many reasons why it makes sense to choose an Electric Vehicle (EV) when buying your next car. The most important is the effect you will be having on the environment. Although Mitsubishi’s combustion cars are constantly being refined to produce less CO2, an EV such as the Outlander PHEV releases zero emissions when in electric mode. If everyone made the move to Electric Vehicles the positive effects for the planet would be significant. Another attractive advantage is the lower running costs incurred by EVs.

Despite the obvious benefits for the planet, there are also a great deal of benefits for the owner. The Outlander PHEV is exempt from vehicle excise duty. It is exempt from London congestion charge and it provides ultra-low tax benefits for company car drivers. Benefit-in-Kind tax is just 7% of the list price (as opposed to around 25% on an equivalent diesel). In practice it means that the annual company car tax payable on a PHEV 4h is just £1103, and that’s for a 40% tax payer; the resulting tax saving over three years can easily hit five figures! There is just 7% tax on fuel benefit too, instead of 25% or more, which amplifies the tax savings by many more thousands of pounds. It’s actually like having a £5,000 a year pay rise!

It provides tax benefits for companies too. For companies who provide employees with vehicles, the PHEV is an equally tempting proposition, with a 100% write down allowance in the first year of ownership and massively reduced National Insurance contributions due to the 7% BIK.

About EV Technology

EV technology works along side the traditional combustion engine with an electric motor. The motor rotates the driven wheels, and power is supplied by a large capacity lithium-ion battery. Positioning the underfloor battery centrally between the wheels means that the PHEV has a lower centre of gravity than other Outlanders, and it operates in permanent four-wheel drive so it handles particularly well. The battery is charged whilst the wheels rotate and charges when braking is applied, meaning it recycles energy exerted. Twin motors provide their power to each axle and an enhanced version of our famous, rally-honed Super All Wheel Control system regulates the brakes and yaw, and distributes power front and rear, left and right as required for superior handling.

There is almost no compromise in terms of either weight distribution or space (the vast majority of PHEVs locate the battery in the boot, adversely affecting both). It can transport five people in comfort, or swallow a couple of mountain bikes whole, and take you to all the exciting places in which to use them, courtesy of its all-electric four-wheel drive system backed up by fully electric traction and stability control.