A Day in the Life of a Mitsubishi PHEV

Drive Your Ambition

One of our newest members of Birchwood Mitsubishi Tommy was lucky enough to get the keys to one of our Incredible Outlander PHEV's this past weekend and gave us a write up on what he thought of his experience...

Last weekend I was luckily given the chance to take home our Mitsubishi Phev for a few days to experience the full force of what the motor industry is beginning to indulge in.

I hadn’t driven one for longer than a mile or so, so I was excited but also fractionally sceptical as East Sussex was experiencing a full blown gale and some of the roads were beginning to flood.

When I set off home I was instantly comfortable and relaxed which was factored by the Nappa leather interior, blue mood lighting and the silence from the motor, which was a very appealing change from the normal combustion engine as sometimes it can be hard to hear yourself think, especially when travelling at 70 mph, but in the PHEV, it was nothing but bliss.

The hybrid had no difficulty picking up speed and easily travelled down the duel carriageway, which is expected from a car that can produce over 200ps; it’s very solid and stable when travelling at speed and timely produced me with safety notices such as lane change assist and blind spot warning system.

Over the weekend it was constantly and violently lashing down with rain and immense winds but the PHEV was hardly touched. It stayed loyal and handled everything very well, I did not experience one aqua plane or any sign of losing grip.

In the evening the roads were well lit up with the LED head lights and very long sighted when on full beam; the indicator is very responsive so switching in between is very nice and easy.

Over the whole weekend I travelled around 100 Miles on just 2 full charges and on half a tank of fuel which had hardly even moved when I returned the vehicle on Monday. With the battery fully charged and the tank fuel, the range is well over 400 Miles.

The interior is very equipped with the ability to use apple car play and android auto, an electric handbrake and an auto hold button, heated seats, dual climate control and much more. Everything that is wanted in a modern day car is included in the Mitsubishi PHEV.

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend in the Mitsubishi PHEV and would love to have it for longer. As the industry is now changing more and more every year, I would encourage anyone to take the PHEV out for a test drive as it really is an amazing modern day car.