Mitsubishi Assistance Package

Mechanical & Travel Protection

Birchwood Mitsubishi

When you register for a Mitsubishi Assistance Package (MAP) you can travel throughout Europe knowing you are backed by the manufacturer. It has been designed to deliver a wide range of benefits and solutions to issues that can disrupt your journeys.

What is covered by the MAP?

In any of the situations below, the MAP will enable you to resolve the issues as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road:
•    Mechanical or electrical breakdown
•    Road traffic accidents
•    Fuel system issues
•    Lost or broken keys
•    Puncture or valve leak
•    Vandalism or attempted theft.

Home and roadside assistance

Should your Mitsubishi break down at home or in Continental Europe, MAP will arrange for roadside repairs. If the fault cannot be fixed at the side of the road your car will be towed to the Authorised Mitsubishi Dealer or Authorised Service Point closest to home when in the UK. On the continent, it will be recovered to the Authorised Mitsubishi Dealer or Authorised Service Point nearest to your location.

Onward travel or accommodation

If you have requested assistance and the repairs cannot be completed within four hours, MAP will, where possible, arrange for and cover the cost to continue your journey or reach home.

If the breakdown occurs more than 30 miles from home and overnight accommodation is more convenient, a cost of up to £100 per person (£150 in Greater London) will be covered for a maximum of four nights. Please note that this benefit is limited to an allowance of £500 including VAT. Alternatively, if through the MAP your vehicle cannot be repaired within four hours, a hire car will be provided.

Who is the MAP for?

The package is available to all used Mitsubishi buyers for three years from the date of registration. If you are the owner of a model aged between three and ten years you can purchase it for just £29.99 (including Insurance Premium Tax). The service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to support you constantly wherever you travel.

You can purchase MAP cover and find out more about its advantages at Birchwood Mitsubishi. Contact one of the advisers at our Eastbourne dealership to discuss the package in more detail.