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When it comes to selecting the best model for your Motability vehicle, there are many considerations you need to take into account. For example, does your chosen vehicle have enough storage space for your needs; is it easily accessible; and is it simple enough to drive. By working alongside Motability experts such as those at Birchwood ŠKODA, you have the opportunity to find the most suitable model first time.

That said, there is always the possibility that you may require some vehicle adaptations. Many of these will be made at no extra cost and will be specified according to your unique requirements. However, more complex issues may result in an additional charge, details of which can be discussed with our experts.

When it comes to adaptations, the most common types are:

Driving adaptations

For those unable to operate a regular vehicle, certain amendments can be made to make the process far simpler. Such adaptations include the installation of either an electronic or left foot accelerator, steering aids, and even transmission alteration

Stowage adaptations

Wheelchair and scooter users will be aware of the need for extensive storage in their vehicle. Thanks to a number of adaptations - such as rooftop stowage or a car boot hoist - you can comfortably travel with all your necessities on board.

Access adaptations

Once again, wheelchairs users may find themselves needing to adapt their desired vehicle for easier access. Electric people hoists, smoother surfaces, and powered swivel chairs can all be fitted to help alighting and boarding simple.

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