Understanding the ŠKODA Motability Scheme

Birchwood ŠKODA Motability

If you’ve heard about the Motability Scheme, you are almost certain to have a few questions about precisely how it works. At Birchwood ŠKODA, we take great pride in being a supporter of the scheme and can thus provide further insight into its benefits and options.

In simple terms, the scheme enables those in receipt of one of the government’s mobility supplements to exchange their benefit for a vehicle from leading manufacturers. This vehicle can be adapted to your needs and also comes with a number of added extras including breakdown cover, insurance, road tax, and more. So far, so simple. However, there are options to the scheme you may be unaware of, and these relate to the agreement you take out, namely Contract Hire or Hire Purchase. 

Contract Hire

The most common form of Motability agreement, the Contract Hire agreement means you pay one regular payment for your vehicle and all the added extras. This option also enables you to exchange the vehicle for a brand new one every three years, meaning you have access to the latest models more frequently.

Hire Purchase

A Hire Purchase agreement, meanwhile, may be more preferable, particularly if you wish to purchase a second-hand car, need significant adaptations that would need moving between vehicles every three years, or regularly cover high mileage (i.e. exceeding the 45,000-mile allowance common to a Contract Hire agreement). You should note, however, that such an agreement does not include insurance, breakdown cover, road tax, etc.

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