Free tyre, wheel and full vehicles health checks available

Here are Birchwood Group we are offering free tyre, wheel and full vehicle health checks if you are concerned you have sustained damage from hitting a pothole. If you think you may have suffered minor or major damage through hitting a pothole and can safely drive to your nearest dealership, we will endeavor to inspect your vehicle straight away during opening hours. Book your free vehicle health check by choosing one of the following options:

Reporting Potholes As noted above, many local councils are quick to fill potholes as soon as possible. However, it's also important to report any potholes that you come across to the appropriate authorities as they may have only recently emerged and are hitherto unreported. This will help to ensure that they are repaired as soon as possible, preventing further damage to vehicles. You can usually report potholes via the local authority’s website or over the phone.