Welcome To The New Birchwood Kia, Eastbourne.

Now Open!

Come down to Birchwood Kia Eastbourne and enter pure luxury. Taking on a fully new design, Birchwood Kia Eastbourne has never looked so refined. With the evolving luxury of the brand, it's time the showrooms also evolve.

We look forward to welcoming you with open arms as you enter a fully upgraded Birchwood Kia Eastbourne.

Enter the new Kia Design, an immersive and visionary approach that aims to transform the car-buying experience into something truly exceptional.

The traditional showroom is a thing of the past, where cars were arranged in rows and displayed in a cold, uninspired space. The dealership is reenvisioned in the new KiaDesign as an alluring destination that combines sustainability, technology, and customer-centricity, raising the bar on the entire car-buying experience. The update marks the first time Kia’s new corporate identity will be officially extended to UK Kia showrooms, and follows complementary changes already made to the brand’s products and online presence.

The new design comprehensively refreshes both the inside and outside of retailers and is centered on delivering a new Kia customer experience.