All-New Kodiaq iV PHEV With All-Electric Range Of Up To 75 Miles Available To Order

​Available to order now, the new Kodiaq iV features a drivetrain that was part of the SUV’s design process from the very start. This has allowed Škoda’s design and engineering team to perfectly place the components to deliver an optimum driving range without compromising the driving experience. New PHEV drivetrain Škoda’s second-generation plug-in hybrid system is comprised of a four-cylinder turbocharged 1.5 TSI 150PS engine and a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous electric motor that generates 116PS and 330Nm of torque. To ensure that the whole drivetrain assembly is as compact as possible, the motor is built directly into the DQ400e DSG gearbox, and is separated from the engine by a clutch.

​As with the first-generation PHEV drivetrain, the motor can move the car alone or in combination with the engine. The motor is also used to start the engine and replaces the traditional alternator. The second-generation PHEV system makes local emission-free travel possible in electric mode for up to 75 miles (five seat, SE model), but also gives drivers the option of using the petrol engine in hybrid mode working alongside the electric motor for longer distances. Key to the significant improvement in range (over the first-generation system) is a larger battery pack. The new Kodiaq iV is fitted with a 25.7kWh pack (19.7kWh usable) that is located under the rear seats. Equipped with integrated water cooling, the pack stores energy to drive the electric motor, accumulates energy gained from regenerative braking, and supplies energy for the heating and air conditioning compressor.

​Another significant feature introduced on the second-generation PHEV drivetrain is faster charging. For the first time, a Škoda plug-in hybrid can accept a DC rapid charge. With a peak speed of up to 50kW, it means that the pack can be charged from 10-80% in around 26 minutes. What’s more the addition of a CCS socket means that the Kodiaq iV can be charged at any public rapid charging station. As with Škoda’s previous PHEV models, the Kodiaq iV can also be charged on an AC supply via an industry-standard Type 2 plug. The maximum charge rate on AC is 11kW, which delivers a charge time of around 2hrs 30 minutes.

​The new Kodiaq iV uses the 1.5 TSI petrol engine and electric motor in three different ways that suit the selected driving mode. Drivers can change this mode by selecting the ‘Hybrid’ icon in the infotainment menu. 

This mode delivers electric-only drive. The car always starts in this mode if the battery is sufficiently charged and the outside temperature is higher than -10°C (the mode is not active below this temperature). Hybrid mode In this mode, the vehicle’s control unit continuously assesses the driving situation and can use either the electric motor, engine, or both to minimise fuel consumption. The system will always find the most effective and efficient way of combining the outputs from the motor and the engine. Sport mode This mode delivers a more dynamic driving experience that harnesses the maximum possible power of the petrol engine and electric motor. In addition, this mode is directly linked to the sport setting in the ‘Driving Mode Select’ menu. The system output will peak at 204PS and 350Nm of torque. Price and equipment The Kodiaq iV is offered with two trim level options, SE and and SE L. Both come with a five-seat configuration and feature generous specification levels​.

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