Ford MyKey

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What is Ford MyKey?

Predominantly aimed at helping to keep young drivers safe, Ford MyKey enables vehicle owners to specify certain limitations to avoid undue distractions or unsafe situations. Such restrictions include setting a maximum speed that can be achieved or preventing the volume of the internal entertainment from going above a specified threshold. Additional restrictions such as being able to turn off driver assistance and safety technology are also present within the Ford MyKey technology. Ford originally identified a need for this technology from a survey of parents, which revealed almost half stated their primary concern was speed, with more than half commenting that they would be more inclined to let a young driver to take the wheel if these sorts of restrictions were available.

How does Ford MyKey work?

Ford MyKey works by applying certain settings to different keys, meaning each driver can have a customised experience behind the wheel with things like audible alerts when approaching set speeds, preventing seat belt reminders from being disabled and providing a low fuel warning earlier than usual in addition to the various speed and audio restrictions that are available.

MyKey is part of a larger safety technology package which includes other innovative technologies such as Electronic Stability Programme and Active City Stop. To find out more about MyKey and the other Ford technologies, contact Birchwood Ford today and a member of the team will be able to discuss the practical applications in more detail.