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Servicing your vehicle is part of being a car owner – but it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. At Birchwood Ford, you can book your next service by speaking with a member of our Live Chat team. It’s that simple! We’re now open all day on Saturdays and also offer a late night and overnight weekend servicing that works around you. Our aim is to be flexible to ensure your car stays well-maintained.

Taking good care of your Ford vehicle is essential, helping to maximise both safety and efficiency. At Birchwood Ford, we only use the very best manufacturer-approved parts, which is what your manufacturer’s warranty coverage will likely require. Of course, you might find cheaper parts elsewhere, but these aren’t guaranteed to be genuine and therefore won’t have passed the same Ford safety checks. All services are also carried out by highly experienced Ford-trained technicians.

Enjoy an easy and hassle-free servicing experience at Birchwood Ford. Book your service today or contact us in branch to find out more.

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If you want to book your next service or MOT online, you can click on the Live Chat Service Booking, located on the right hand side to chat online and find a suitable date and time.

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