Benefits of Servicing at Birchwood Ford

When it comes to keeping your Ford in first class condition, servicing is essential. At Birchwood Ford our manufacturer-trained technicians have extensive experience working on many different makes and models and will help your vehicle to achieve its full potential.

It’s natural for cars to experience wear and tear. It’s also normal for Ford parts to deteriorate over time and need replacing. While replacement parts can be found cheaply they may not be genuine and might not fulfil the requirements of your manufacturer’s warranty coverage. At Birchwood Ford across East Sussex we only use genuine Ford car parts that have undergone all the necessary safety and performance tests.

Each element of your Ford has been carefully designed to fulfil a specific purpose. Therefore, to ensure your vehicle performs at its best, you should look for only quality replacements as offered by us. Once the service is over you can drive away safe in the knowledge that your car has been well taken care of.

Book your service today or pop into your nearest Birchwood branch for more information.