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Replacement Parts

Throughout the lifetime of your car or van, parts can been replacing for a variety of reasons. These reasons can range from general every day wear and tear to specific parts reaching the end of their lifespan but whatever the issue, ensuring the replacement part is of the highest quality is incredibly important.

Throughout Birchwood Group, each of our service centres only uses genuine manufacturer parts. These are parts that have been produced by the respective manufacturer and meet all of their extensive quality and safety checks. For you the customer this means your vehicle will be maintained at the highest level of quality, as any replacement parts will be of the same top level of quality.

Benefits of Servicing at Birchwood Ford

This is one of the benefits of servicing your vehicle with a main dealer like Birchwood Ford. Whilst some companies that offer servicing may have the cheapest prices, they can often use generic parts which do not meet the same high quality requirements that the manufacturers expect for their vehicles, so at Birchwood you can rest assured that your vehicle will only have genuine parts used in its upkeep and care.

Your Ford starts life fully equipped with Ford original parts, each designed to fit and perform perfectly with the other. To maintain the safety and performance of your vehicle, it’s important to continue using spares of the same high quality standards. If your vehicle has a manufacturer warranty, using non-approved, non-genuine parts will quite often stipulate warranty coverage, so this is another reason to visit Birchwood Ford for you servicing or for any replacement parts you need.