Benefits of Servicing at Birchwood Ford

When it comes to keeping your Ford in first class condition, servicing is essential. At Birchwood Ford our manufacturer-trained technicians have extensive experience working on many different makes and models and will help your vehicle to achieve its full potential.

It’s natural for cars to experience wear and tear. It’s also normal for Ford parts to deteriorate over time and need replacing. While replacement parts can be found cheaply they may not be genuine and might not fulfil the requirements of your manufacturer’s warranty coverage. At Birchwood Ford across East Sussex we only use genuine Ford car parts that have undergone all the necessary safety and performance tests.

Each element of your Ford has been carefully designed to fulfil a specific purpose. Therefore, to ensure your vehicle performs at its best, you should look for only quality replacements as offered by us. Once the service is over you can drive away safe in the knowledge that your car has been well taken care of.

Book your service today or pop into your nearest Birchwood branch for more information.

Ranger Bed Liner / Bed Rug

Durable and easy-to-clean, Bed Liners and Bed Rugs work as hard as you do.

Moulded to the contours of your Ford Ranger truck bed, Bed Liners are custom fitted for a secure fit and incorporate a skid reduction layer to stop items from sliding about in the bed.

Made from a highly durable material, Bed Liners stop scratches and dints to the bed and will protect the vehicle against damage from most household liquids, such as bleach, paint, battery acid and oil. 

The product is available as either an over rail or under rail bed liner. Under rail liners are recommended if fitting roll bars, truck top canopies and tonneau covers. 

NLG Tailgate Damper

The soft-opening Tailgate Damper Kit is the ultimate ‘feel-good’ product with serious, practical benefits.

This soft opening Damper kit is the ultimate “feel-good” product for your Ranger pickup load bed.

The Tailgate Damper gives your Ford Ranger a serious and practical benefit, allowing the tailgate to drop in an easy and controlled manner.

Open the tailgate with a single hand and watch as it lowers the tailgate gently to its down position.

Designed specifically for the Ford Ranger tailgate, the Tailgate Damper is not only a great convenience feature, but also an enhancement for fleets with a duty of care for their employees.

Brink® Flange Tow Bar

Make the most of New Ranger’s towing capabilities and keep your loads safely attached.

The Brink® Tow Bar Pack includes everything you will need to tow legally in the UK.

Included in the pack price is a Brink® fixed tow bar, an “e-kit” which ensures seamless integration and full integrity of the vehicle’s electronic system and fitting at your local Ford dealer. A Ford e-kit also enables Trailer Sway Control (part of the ESP), where available. When trailer sway is detected, the system redirects engine torque and applies the brake to the appropriate wheel(s) to help restore control.

Ranger Transportation

Secure your load with a hard top, roller shutter or tonneau cover.

Hard Tops
Add a hard top and your Ranger becomes even more versatile.

Roller Shutters
NLG and Mountaintop roller shutters retract all the way to the truck cab, giving you total access to the bed area, for maximum convenience.

Tonneau Covers
A tonneau covers streamlines your vehicle, giving it not only a tidier appearance, but also reducing air resistance and improving fuel economy.

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