The Range Our electric and hybrid cars.
How an electric car works?
What is a Plug-In Hybrid? Plug-in hybrids are very popular because they maximise the benefits of combining a combustion engine and an electric motor. A PHEV is more affordable to run than a purely petrol/diesel-powered vehicle and it produces significantly fewer CO2 emissions.
What is a Hybrid? HEV - One particular advantage that a self-charging hybrid car has over others is that its battery doesn’t require manual charging. This is due to regenerative braking, which charges the battery automatically so you don’t need to. While an HEV can’t compete with the efficiency of a PHEV or EV, it nevertheless delivers greater fuel-economy and produces fewer emissions than a petrol/diesel equivalent.

MHEV - A mild-hybrid car is one equipped with a small self-charging electric motor that is able to reduce the strain on the regular engine during startup and other alternator-heavy tasks. The motor gets its charge from the engine, as per a regular combustion engine vehicle, and helps improve fuel economy.
What is an Electric Vehicle? If you require a vehicle that is exceptionally cost-effective to run and carbon neutral, an electric vehicle is definitely the way to go. An EV features an electric motor which is powered by a lithium ion battery. This combination produces zero CO2 emissions and exceptional range. For instance, despite its power and pace, the Mustang E-Mach offers a maximum 379-mile range (with an 88kWh battery installed).
Reasons to go electric
Reliably cost effective Electric and Hybrid vehicles may have a higher purchase price but take the strong residual values and relatively low running costs into account and the proposition becomes a lot more attractive.
Instant performance With clutch-less operation and instant acceleration response, our electric vehicles are genuinely fun to drive. Our EV6, with its road-hugging all-wheel drive traction system, takes you from 0-62mph in only 5.2 seconds.
Range that goes the distance Ford electrified powertrains offer truly useable range and versatility. With our Hybrids and Plug-In Hybrids, you don’t have to compromise on total range compared to conventional vehicles.

Our Electric cars offer a range of up to 328 miles (Combined WLTP testing) – more than enough for the everyday and to venture out to far-away places.
Less tax Good for the environment, great for lower tax. Whether you own your car or drive it for your company, Hybrid and Electric vehicles offer many tax advantages over conventional cars.
Fast charging has arrived Ford Electric Vehicles can charge in a matter of minutes, not hours. Using the predominant CCS standard for DC charging, our EV6 is capable of charging from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes.
Contribute to a brighter future Driving a Hybrid or Electric vehicle is one of the ways to help combat climate change so we safeguard our planet and children’s future