Introducing Ford Blue Cruise

Ford Blue Cruise Technology

Find out about Ford BlueCruise assisted driving technology, now available with the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Allows hands-free driving on specific sections of divided motorways called ‘hands-free blue zones’.*

Ford BlueCruise combines with Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane-Centring systems, allowing you to take your hands off the steering wheel while it maintains cruising speed and keeps you in your current lane.

An infrared camera tracks your eye gaze and head position, to ensure that you're paying due care and attention to the road ahead.

If the system finds that you are not looking at the road, it will notify you either with an alert message displayed in the instrument cluster, or by sounding an audible chime, to remind you to return your eyes to the road.

If you do not react to the warnings, the Ford BlueCruise system will cancel, gently pump the brakes to get your attention, and slow your vehicle down while maintaining steering control.

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    Mustang Mach-E RWD From £43,830
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    What affects the range of an electric car
    An Engineering Masterclass It is born from a deep-seated passion for driving, but nothing about the All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E is old. In fact, the electric SUV is about as innovative and intelligent as driving can get. Drivers who want the power of a performance car but the economy of electric power will be simply blown away by this feat of engineering.
    First of it's Kind Dynamic SUV capability with iconic performance and stand out electric innovations, the All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E is a performance car like no other.
    Shaped to Perfection Its muscular yet aerodynamic design is fused with the ultra-smooth dynamic drive of an electric powertrain that will make you feel like you are flying. Exhilaration and freedom is a heady combination you can expect to feel in the All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E .
    Fully Functional All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E features an impressive array of connected technologies, designed to provide a driving experience that’s centred around you. Moreover, the stunning design of the car is complemented by functionality, from the large display, to the spacious boot and panoramic room. All of these features tie in to provide the ultimate driving experience.
    Innovation on all Fronts The electrical innovations are not contained to the power. Alongside a sophisticated and spacious interior is plethora of assistive technology. Technology that includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go functionality, and 360-degree vehicle awareness thanks to no less than four cameras. Connectivity and infotainment are abundant too, with a 15.5-inch touchscreen display that gives you fingertip control of it all.
    Attention to Detail Ford’s latest SYNC 4 infotainment to dominate the cabin, including the discrete, sound-bar like installation of B&O audio above the airvents.
    Save Your Pocket and The Planet Save time and money when you leave fuel behind. Charging your vehicle at home means you can start each day with up to 280-379 miles (WLTP test results) of electric range*, giving you more than enough range to cover most journeys in a single charge.
    Accessibility at your Finger Tips Innovative E-Latch and FordPass connectivity features allow you quick and easy access to your vehicle.


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    Ford Mach-E
    Contact Our Team Get in touch with the team at Birchwood Ford today to schedule a test drive or for more information on the All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E.
    Ford Mach-E
    Contact Our Team Get in touch with the team at Birchwood Ford today to schedule a test drive or for more information on the All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E.