QVM Conversions

ford qvm conversions

QVM Conversions

Many organisations need highly specialised vehicles to carry out the tasks they demand, and therefore require bespoke conversions. Ford accredited Qualified Vehicle Modifiers (QVM) can help if your work demands such a vehicle, with each supplier being assessed to confirm they’ll offer the same high standards as the manufacturer itself.

A list of approved QVM converters can be found on the Ford website and, with a network that spans the UK, there’s sure to be a facility near you. Every Qualified Vehicle Modifiers provides:

  • A high standard of engineering, manufacture and quality control
  • Extensive customer support
  • A guarantee on the conversion work delivered
  • An owner information pack with each vehicle

Thanks to these criteria, which are checked on a regular basis, you can enjoy complete peace of mind and a reliable business solution. To find out where your local Ford accredited QVM converter is based, contact us at Birchwood Ford Transit Centres or view the list on the Ford UK website.