Transit Centre Ford Pro Charging

We understand that charging requirements vary from business to business, which is why Ford Pro provides a range of charging options.

Ford commercial vehicles are available as plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variants – the medium-size Transit Custom. If you are looking to go fully electric then the E-Transit (BEV) is the vehicle for you! The E-Transit battery delivers an impressive range of up to 166-196 miles (WLTP test results).

A Ford commercial PHEV is fitted with a lithium-ion battery (which provides the vehicle’s electric motor with power), which needs to be charged on a regular basis.

Ford Pro offers the following options…

What Affects Range? There’s sometimes a shortfall between stated manufacturer range and real-world range. So, while the former is feasible, there are many factors that can result in the latter.

- Extreme temperature is one of the main influences on range. The warmer the weather, the more miles an EV/PHEV is able to travel. Conversely, especially cold days will have an adverse effect on range.

- The heavier the payload, the more it will negatively impact on range. The same applies to towing a heavy load.

- Driving habits. All Ford Pro vehicles use regenerative braking technology, which converts kinetic energy. This is converted into electrical power, which charges the battery. That said, the way a vehicle is driven has an impact on range. Travelling at speeds of more than 65mph, for instance, sees a significant increase in rolling resistance and air pressure, which reduces a battery’s capacity. Planning your journeys appropriately can make a big difference to range. For instance, by factoring in appropriate charge stops, you’ll ensure your vehicle’s battery remains suitably topped-up.