Value Your Vehicle with Birchwood Ford Commercial

Purchasing a new commercial vehicle with Birchwood Ford in Eastbourne or Hastings provides you with the chance to expand your business fleet with the latest and best models. Of course, you will often be in a position to upgrade, and may have an existing model you wish to dispose of, either through a private sale or part exchanging. At Birchwood, we’re delighted to provide you with an accurate and competitive valuation of your vehicle that will help fund the new model you wish to purchase.

Getting your valuation couldn’t be simpler. Using our form below, simply enter all the requested contact information and details of your vehicle. We will offer an initial valuation based on the condition you specify, followed by a more accurate assessment when you bring your model to our dealership. In doing so, we can help get you behind the wheel of your chosen commercial vehicle for less.

Try our valuation tool today and get in touch with the teams at our dealership to find out more.