Special Vehicle Options

Special Vehicle Options

Our One Stop Shop Transits are designed to be driven away as soon as you’re ready, but you still have the option of specifying extras. Whether it’s the dominant colour of your brand you want to add or particular functionality that you’ll need to make day-to-day working life easier, you can request a range of features to enhance your vehicle.

View our Special Vehicle Options below for further details or contact your local Birchwood Ford Transit Centre to discuss your requirements. Our teams at Eastbourne and St Leonards on Sea will be happy to assist you.

Special paints

A wide array of colour options is available for your One-Stop Transit, meaning you can request the vehicle in the main colour of your livery.

The availability of colours and options varies depending on the model you choose and your region, so please check with your local Birchwood Ford Transit Centre to find out what we can offer.

Ford programmable battery guard

Wave goodbye to flat batteries with this patented battery guard system. It enables you to set a time for battery use without the engine running, as well as create profiles for battery use. Programme in profiles for heavy or light usage to optimise performance and protect your battery from starter motor overload.

High electrical power system

Specially developed for One Stop Shop Transit conversions, this system is ideal for those with a need for high power. High performance AGM batteries and engine RPM control make it useful for emergency vehicles, refrigerated vans and maintenance vehicles.

Trailer tow electrics

This pack enables you to safely and legally fit a unique tow bar to your Transit. It contains a robust connector and wiring to connect power to your trailer, enabling lights to be operated.

Twin high performance AGM batteries

Offering enhanced reliability when deep-cycling, these batteries are ideal for higher electrical loads.

12v customer connection point

A fused power point is situated on the side of the driver’s seat pedestal on all Transit and Transit Custom models.

Beacon preparation pack

This option offers the necessary switch and wiring to connect up a beacon. Essential for emergency and recovery services, as well as road maintenance vehicles.

High specification interface connector

Facilitating conversions, this connector accesses power supply vehicle signals, from engine start and run to stop lamp and turn indicators.

Auxiliary fuel port

Providing a secondary fuel line and connector, this option enables you to attach to auxiliary equipment, such as aftermarket heaters.

240 amp alternator

Designed to accommodate the demands made by aftermarket systems on the battery, this high output alternator maintains charge for longer.

Utility Vehicle Switch pack

Ideal for vehicles using a water heater or additional lighting, this pack offers switches for beacons and power equipment. Three switches and wiring are included: one beacon switch and two 12v auxiliary switches. The later can power features like work lamps or a rear tailgate.

Tyre carrier drop with door closed

This function enables you to remove the spare wheel from its cradle without have to open the rear doors. It’s especially useful on refrigerated vehicles, ambulances and security vans.