Advanced Locking Systems

​Supplied by Trade Vehicle Locks (TVL)


We know the importance of vehicle security and keeping it's contents safe, but with thieves using newer and more advanced methods, burglary from vehicles is all too common. That's why we've teamed up with Trade Vehicle Locks (TVL) who offer an array of products and accessories in order to help keep your vehicle secure. 

Trade Vehicle Locks is an industry-leading supplier of security products to the automotive industry, with over 40 years of experience in designing, building and installing advanced locking systems for cars and commercial vehicles. TVL's latest security accessories enhance your vehicle's security whilst deterring thieves altogether. 

Browse at some of the products available below, and for more information and prices, contact us in branch today. 


​Replock with Security Bezel 

An anti-pick, anti-drill, high security locking system, which replaces the original equipment key cylinder.​

replock with security bezel

Security Bezel 

​A high grade stainless steel bezel, which provides additional protection for the original equipment locking system.

security bezel


​An automatic locking handle for rear and side doors, ideal for couriers and multi-drop drivers.

ford slamhandle

​ArmourShell Lock

High security anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap lock for side and rear doors.​

armour shell lock

​Side Loading Door Keepers

Prevents entry through side load door by use of extreme force to the top or bottom of the door.​

side loading door keepers

​Coded OBD Port Protector Kit

Prevents unauthorised access to OBD port, through high security lock and security code.​

coded obd port protector kit

​Electronic On Board Diagnostics (ODB) Port Immobiliser

A passive security device, which prevents unauthorised use of the OBD port, preventing the reprogramming of new keys and the cloning of vehicles.​

electronic on board diagnostics port immobiliser

​OBD Port Protector Kit

A high stength steel casing of the OBD port.​

obd port protector kit

​Spare Wheel Lock

Easy to use mechanism, providing additional security for vehicle's spare wheel.​

spare wheel lock

​Garrison Deadlock

A high quality dead-bolt throw offering a second layer of security to front, side or rear doors.​

garrison deadlock

​Garrison Slamlock

Courier company friendly lock, works in conjunction with the OE lock for automatic locking.​

garrison slamlock


Simple anti-theft accessory which fits over pedals, preventing the pedals from being operated.​

pedal box

​Exhaust System Security

DPF Lock/CATLoc - prevents access to the catalytic convertor or diesel particulate filter.​

exhaust system security


Protects door wiring from being damaged or cut by thieves.





Images are courtesy of Trade Vehicle Locks (TVL)