Would an electric car be beneficial to me?

Deciding whether to take the plunge and go electric or hybrid is a big decision – one you need to make fully informed. If you’re thinking of making the switch to cleaner motoring, here are some ways in which it could benefit you.

The environment

It almost goes without saying that electric and hybrid cars are better for the environment than conventional ones. CO2 emissions are greatly reduced, particularly with plug-in hybrid and fully electric models – meaning that you’re contributing to a much-needed movement towards cleaner air. Not only is this better for your health and that of the people around you, it’s also a longer-term step towards slowing climate change. If you have kids, this may be of particular concern to you.


Hybrid and electric models benefit from a host of the latest technologies, many of which aren’t available at entry level on fuel cars. For example, additional safety features such as the ProPILOT system often come as standard, delivering a safer and more confident drive.

Many models also offer remote access via an app. You can use your phone to pre-condition the car’s temperature before you set off, start and stop charging, and more.

Hybrid and electric vehicles also provide a nippy driving experience, reducing 0-62mph acceleration times thanks to the added, instant power and torque available from the electric motor. You’ll also enjoy a quieter ride, particularly on the motorway.

Cost efficiency

With electric charging costing as little as 3p per mile, cheaper servicing costs and more, electric and hybrid vehicles are more cost-effective to run than their fuel counterparts. Hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid cars give you more miles between stops at the pumps, while electric and fuel cell models negate the need for petrol or diesel at all. With fewer moving parts too, general wear and tear is reduced and there are fewer elements to service.

If an electric or hybrid car seems like the perfect option for you, contact Birchwood Group today to see which models we have available.

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