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Kia has already made its mark as offering superb quality vehicles for an affordable price. Now add into the mix the cost savings that are possible when adopting electric technology and there is plenty of appeal to making the transition to a Kia electric vehicle. With fewer moving parts, fully electric vehicles are considered much easier and cheaper to maintain than petrol or diesel engines.

Road tax is also cheaper with electric vehicles, with some fully electric vehicles being completely exempt. Company car owners will also benefit from tax advantages, plus the cost of running an electric car is considerably lower when compared to a standard petrol or diesel vehicle. To find out more about the Kia electric range and the advantages of investing in one, why not chat to Birchwood?

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Which Electric Vehicle Is Right For You?

    Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) use a combination of both electric technology and highly fuel-efficient petrol or diesel engines. The electric battery requires charging from an external power source and can provide an electric-only driving range of up to around 30 miles. This makes them incredibly economical.
    Hybrid or Self-Charging Hybrid Vehicle (HEV) Self-Charging Hybrid Vehicles (HEV) use both an electric motor and a combustion engine. The battery in a self-charging hybrid is smaller so its main function is to assist the combustion engine to maximise the efficiency of the car. Regenerative braking technology recharges the battery without attachment to an external power source.
    Mild Hybrid Vehicle (MHEV) A mild hybrid fuses petrol or diesel power with a battery-powered electric motor. It cannot be driven on battery power alone. Instead, electric power assists the petrol or diesel engine helping it to work efficiently, lowering emissions and increasing fuel economy. Regenerative braking technology keeps the battery charged at all times.
    Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) A battery electric vehicle (BEV) is powered entirely by electricity. The high tech powertrain uses a high-density battery to power an electric motor that is both better for the environment and your wallet. And with no CO2 emissions whatsoever, your carbon footprint is guaranteed to be greatly reduced.

    Charging At Home

    We work alongside CDS Electrical - an experienced and premier installer of vehicle charging points in the south east of England - to provide a range of charging options to suit you. From commercial outlets to domestic solutions, we will be able to quickly and effortlessly install the correct charging point to meet your needs.

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