Top 5 reasons to choose an electric car

If you’re still undecided about the benefits of choosing an electric car, here are some great reasons to go greener with your next model.

They’re cheaper to run

Hybrid and electric vehicles use less conventional fuel, and therefore mean you spend less money at the pumps. Choosing a fully electric vehicle means you’re only paying for the electricity needed to recharge the battery – which is a fraction of the cost of petrol or diesel.

They’re cheaper to maintain

Fully electric cars may be more expensive to buy initially, but the fact that they incorporate fewer moving parts means servicing costs are generally cheaper. There’s no exhaust system, starter motor, radiator or other potentially expensive components, so maintenance comes down to brakes, tyres, suspension and little more.

Plug-in hybrids also tend to suffer less wear and tear on the engine components due to the addition of the electric motor, which takes some of the strain during acceleration and at higher speeds.

They offer safety improvements

The low centre of gravity created by the low position of the battery in hybrid and electric cars results in greater stability on the road. The construction and materials used in making these models are also high-strength, helping to absorb the energy in an impact.

They’re better for the environment

They key benefit of buying hybrid or electric is the reduced impact on the environment. Fewer emissions means better air quality, which is an advantage not only for the planet as a whole but locally too.

Range is no longer an issue

When electric and hybrid models first came to the market some 20 years ago, their short range was an issue. Now, however, with improved technology and a huge network of charging stations across the country, it’s no longer a problem.

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