​Ben's Career Milestone: Celebrating His Well-Deserved Promotion​

How long has Ben been at Birchwood Kia?

Ben started his journey in July 2018 hoping for a better career. However, due to difficult circumstances this journey was cut short. Ben did not let this get in his way, returning later more eagerly than ever to hit his targets and get promoted up to the ranks to become the Kia Champion. In total he has been at Kia Birchwood for 5 and a half years!


​How does Ben feel about his new role?

Soaring to new heights. Ben is extremely keen on his new role and believes this is a terrific opportunity to progress at Birchwood, reaching new higher levels. Further this, Ben discusses how he never liked to settle or stay comfortable. Pushing for greatness has always been the Ben way! New responsibilities are what Ben is excited to get hold of, hoping to one day lead him down the red carpet to management. 

​Why does Ben enjoy sales so much?

The common denominator whilst discussing with Ben is that he never settles. Sales is always evolving and moving. Pushing to new targets and hitting bullseyesevery time is just a Ben way. Feeling comfortable in this environment and talking to potential customers in the showroom and via phone Ben moves seamlessly. Ben did seem exceptionally excited with his final sentence regarding the new promotion and why he loves his job...

” To be honest though, I do love driving around in nice fast cars.”



​So, Ben, what makes Birchwood a good place to Work?

The friendly, close-knitted family of Birchwood is fundamental to why Ben thinks Birchwood is a wonderful place to work. Everyone knows each other. Seeing the company grow, warmed Ben's heart as to being here for 5 and a half years through the various changes. Bens also enjoyed lots of the fun activities that Birchwood have hosted whilst being here. 

​What is Ben's favourite Birchwood event memory?

At the end of every year, the Birchwood group get together to celebrate the achievements of the company in a big meal with lots of drinks, food, and laughs. Bens favourite year, being at the Amex, this is an amazing event for the Brighton fans at the company, however for the opposing fans this may have felt more of a burden...


What is Bens favourite Kia car reveal event?

Ben was fortunate enough to take part in an army grade assault course. Whilst his body hated him for about a week after Ben could not have been more ecstatic. This event was to display the new Kia Sportage; however, it sounds like this was more of a showcase of Ben's athleticism and courage!

Bens favourite Kia.

Bens eyes lit up upon the entrance of the Kia eCeed, much like seeing his favourite football team (Arsenal) The up-to-date appearance, as well as the comfort yet sports like interior, also struck Ben's interest and love. Ben is excited about seeing the evolution on the Kia electric movement, seeing the benefits this has to the company and community. However, even though working at Kia he did say his all-time favourite car has to be the Mercedes AMG GT.

Bens main helpers throughout the journey.

Throughout Bens time at Birchwood Kia, he has looked up to many mentor-like figures. Through this, he learnt multiple new things, improving his sale expertise and skills. The special mentions include Adamwho at the start of Bens career guided him and was a fundamental figure in Bens rise to success, teaching skills and giving advice. Ben and Adam still work together and are friends today! Another mentor like figure Ben wants to shout out is Ali who has been Ben's manager since he started. He gave Ben the opportunities to shine and prove that he deserves where he has ended up.

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