Birchwood at Digifest: Celebrating all that is digital in Eastbourne

Birchwood Group proudly sponsored and exhibited at the Eastbourne Digifest last week, marking a milestone in the digital realm.

The first digital event of its kind, Digifest had a fantastic range of talks, workshops, and, of course, the exhibition which attracted a large crowd of digital enthusiasts. Digifest aimed to show off the best of Eastbourne, the event not only wowed attendees but also shone a spotlight on the rising significance of the digital sector in Eastbourne. 

A Look into the Birchwood Display: 

At the heart of our exhibit was a peek into Birchwood's use of tech, showcasing how technology seamlessly integrates into our daily operations. 

On display, we showcased internal software like iStoreDocs, a game-changing digital document storage solution, used to streamline internal processes. 

Externally, we use a range of technologies to assist users through their customer journey, an example of this is our AI chatbot which allows users to ask a multitude of questions and receive an instant intuitive answer. Also on show was our Online Valuation Tool, which provides customers with an instant above marketing-value valuation with absolutely no commitments, no concealed charges – just a clear and 3-step simple process. 

Our Experience: ​

Our dynamic Marketing & Digital team engaged with event-goers showing a look into our activities, while also gaining invaluable insights into the ever-evolving digital landscape of Eastbourne. Ryan Boorman our Technology Coordinator had this to say about Digifest" It was a well put together event, a great chance to network with potential customers and other businesses, discussing the exciting tech applications in our community and showcasing what Birchwood Group brings to the table, I'm proud to be part of this fantastic event."

Takeaways from Digifest:

Eastbourne's tech scene is in full bloom, with a multitude of businesses amplifying their digital capabilities and a fresh wave of tech-savvy professionals seeking an environment to thrive. The spectrum of companies in Eastbourne reflects the exciting diversity of innovation, with each contributing something unique to the tech revolution. 

Eastbourne’s digital landscape is bubbling with opportunity and growth, and Digifest offered a sneak peek into the future. The event echoed the sentiment: the tech ecosystem in Eastbourne is not just thriving; it's on the verge of a revolution.