Motability Made Easy- Part Two | Birchwood Group

Choosing The Right Car 

Choosing a car is a big decision. Here are some tips:

Look at the Motability Car Price Guide or go to for advice

Take someone with you.

 If you use a wheelchair or any other aid, take it with you.

Tell the dealer about any extras that you want.

Visit a few different dealers.

Take the car out for a test drive. 

If you are going to nominate a driver, they should take the car for a test drive too.

Order Your Car ​

When you have chosen your car, the dealer will complete the ordering process with you.

You will need to take:

Certificate of entitlement.

Proof of address (a recent bill).

Both parts of your driving licence.

Named drivers’ driving licences and consent.

Details of any accidents or driving penalties that any of the drivers have had.