MyŠKODA iV app: EV journey calculator

Download the new MyŠKODA iV app for free! It is the perfect tool to help you decide whether going electric would work for you.

You can now get answers and discover tips thanks to the MyŠKODA iV app. With clever features such as trip tracking, consumption comparison and CO2 emissions, you can easily find out if they should switch from petrol or diesel to an electric car.

This app allows you to compare electric vehicle capabilities with petrol or diesel cars and experience the benefits of going fully electric.

Visit the app store on your smartphone to start your electric driving experience now:

ŠKODA has long been known for the quality and reliability of its cars. Here at Birchwood, we believe the new electric range only solidifies its status for providing versatile, durable and safe cars. We are incredibly proud to share the new electric iV models with you. Featuring cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries, these vehicles are the future of motoring.

Densely packed energy cells power electric motors while sophisticated technology and an innovative battery management system maximises efficiency, provides the driver with detailed data about the battery function, and ensures the performance of the car is of the highest quality. They offer the smoothest drive without any loss of power. We believe you will be impressed with what you can achieve in terms of efficiency and performance in the ŠKODA electric range. Why not book a test drive?

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