Bexhill Open Bowls Tournament 2023

​The Bexhill Bowls Open Tournament (BOBT) for this year has sadly wrapped up, but boy, was it a memorable one! We're proud to have been part of the action, and well done to Toni and her team for putting on an awesome event. The whole week was a rollercoaster of exciting matches in every category. The mix of singles, pairs, and triples for the guys, and singles and pairs for the ladies, making sure there was no shortage of action across the greens at Polgrove Bowls Club. And talk about a turnout – players were everywhere, backed by a cheering crowd. With perfect weather for most of the 7-day stretch, this year's BOBT was one for the books!

The Ford Fiesta, Kia Niro EV, and Škoda Karoq we parked at the Bowls and they all got a lot of attention over the week!

Overall, the feedback at and after the tournament was very positive. It was great to see such a mix of ages at this year's event, with the men's triple winners being three different generations.

This year “Real time” results were added to the Bexhill Bowls Open Tournament website. This meant that all the scores were posted to the website as soon as the scorecard was handed in, keeping everyone up to date with the results.

A second competition “2 Woods” was also played, which started on Thursday, so that competitors who were unfortunate to be knocked out earlier on in the week had another chance to compete.

The Results!

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the tournament...

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the tournament...

Many of the competitors mentioned that were involved come from all different clubs around the region, as well as the spectators who also travel from different places to watch this spectacular event, we are so pleased to see the tournament growing each year.

For anyone wishing to start or try bowls locally, you can head to Polegrove/Bexhill Club, the location of the BOBT, which is located and accessed on Richmond Road. There is also the Spartan and Lakeside Club in Egerton Park and Sidley Martlets off Canada Way in Sidley. If anyone is interested in starting or trying bowls all they have to do is turn up at the Polegrove greens and speak to the attendant, Ray Hodd or Julian Wood, at the hut who will provide them with all the necessary equipment to have a go (Including the bowls themselves)! Lessons are available for those who decide they want to take up the sport.

For anyone wishing to start or try bowls they can locate their nearest bowls green via The Bowls England site.

We hope to see you there next year!