How to Change the Battery in a Ford Key Fob

How to change battery in ford key fob

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How to change battery in ford key fob

Step by Step Guide​

  1. Squeeze the key-release buttons (on the side of the key-fob).
  2. Use your nail to pop off the cover.
  3. Remove the physical key.
  4. insert the flathead screwdriver into the hole and rotate 90 degrees to the right.
  5. Pop off the top of the key-fob.
  6. Use you flathead screwdriver to pop out the battery.
  7. Insert replacement CR2032 3V battery (check manual for battery requirements).
  8. Click the key fob casing back together.
  9. Replace the key.
  10. Finally click on the key-cover.

If you are not comfortable changing the key fob battery, you can visit us where we can fit your new battery for free.