ŠKODA VISION 7S Reveal The Future

The ŠKODA VISION 7S honours traditional ŠKODA values, but presents them in a completely new form. the electric car based on the modular MEB platform is the first to receive a completely design that will become the hallmark of future ŠKODA vehicles. ŠKODA plans to launch a total of three new all-electric models by 2026: in addition to a seven-seater family car based on the VISION 7S, there will also be a compact SUV and a small car. The innovative design that the VISION 7S introduces will be the benchmark, and incorporated into all of their coming designs. This is characterised by robust looks, functionality and authenticity. Its distinctive feature is the Tech-Deck Face, a modern reworking of the traditional ŠKODA radiator grille. Compared to the existing design, the new grille is significantly flatter and wider, with its ribs replaced by dark glass that covers the car’s sensors. The Tech-Deck Face thus helps deliver an even more refined aerodynamic shape than before.

The VISION 7S project combines a sturdy underbody with a high-set side tornado line and aerodynamic roof lines, continuing ŠKODA designers and engineers' emphasis on exceptional aerodynamics. The superb aerodynamics are helped by the huge 22-inch wheels with rims in a nearly enclosed form. The modified cooling system for the electric vehicle, which has different needs than cars with combustion engines, is also displayed in the VISION 7S. For instance, the air exits above the side skirts remove heated air while cooling the battery using grilles. They also act as running boards for the portal doors, which open in opposing directions.

As of now, The ŠKODA VISION 7S’s exterior conceals modular technology with an 89-kWh battery that gives the car a range of over 600 kilometres per charge in the WLTP cycle. Charging itself can also be very fast, with a maximum supported charging power of just under 200 kW. A completely new interpretation of the on-board infotainment system with greatly updated aesthetics and control logic is present within the vehicle. The 14.6-inch touchscreen, the largest ever placed in a ŠKODA, is the car's defining feature. A revamped steering wheel with flat top and bottom and an 8.8-inch display ads to the Virtual Cockpit. It offers a great view inside. A head-up display for augmented reality is also available. At 6 and 12 o'clock, the steering wheel contains two huge spokes; the lower one has a touchpad that may be used to operate several features when the car is stopped. On the steering wheel's other side, there are special haptic scroll wheels with bright orange highlights for easy orientation.

There are two placings for the huge infotainment screen. Its default orientation is portrait, allowing for more comfortable operation, but the car may also be switched from Drive mode to the unique Relax mode with the push of a button. When the automobile is parked, for instance, during charging or other times, Relax mode can be engaged. In this mode, the display is rotated to landscape and the screen and dashboard are moved further away from the passengers, making it possible to watch movies and TV shows, for example. The driver's and passenger's chairs can swivel inward and recline to provide back seat occupants with a decent view of the screen. The second row's seats also recline.