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Unravel The Mysteries Of The Warning Lights!

There was a time when you had to have magnificent senses, like a bat or an owl to detect whether something was wrong with the car. A well trained person could recognise all the problems that could happen in the car by the clinking, knocking or rattling noises that were coming from the engine at the time. On top of that, you needed a lot of knowledge to know where the source of the issue and what had caused it. You also needed first class skills to fix the problem that had occurred. 

Now a days Modern cars can keep a track of themselves and warn the driver and passengers that there might be a few possible problems before they start driving. Every car system has warning lights, so there’s no need to place different family members around the car to report whether your lights are working or whether your windscreen wipers are working properly. This article was written to help you understand what the warning lights mean. Here are a few examples:

4 = Top up windscreen liquid

9 = Very cold temperatures outside

15 = Fault with wireless key

All these signals are in every car that have been made recently. They help in lots of ways and keep you safe when you are in the car and traveling about.