A Day in the Life of a PHEV

With our Ford Commercial Electrification Experts; Logan and Scott​

So here at Ford Commercial we are so excited to see the latest addition to the commercial family, with both the Transit Custom PHEV and the Tourneo Custom PHEV at Birchwood Ford.

We thought we'd give you a run down on what we're most excited to see from the exciting new models

2020 is looking to be the year of Electrification and Ford is set to release a PHEV coming early 2020 and even the full electric Transit following that. We're so excited to see what we can bring to the customers and how we can improve their driving experience and at the same time help the environment. Going greener is the way forward and a lot of big manufacturers have all come to an agreement that by 2021 that there will be more electric charge points then fuel stations on the road​.

I am most looking forward to finally see electric van’s actually on the Road. We have all heard about the damage vehicles are there fuel do to the environment, and arguable commercial vehicles cover the most driving miles each year, so it makes sense to change these vehicles in an electric version.​


With the New Power Assisted Steering it means there will be a much lighter steering wheel at lower speeds. They'll also be much easier to park and get in and out of tight spaces, what could be better! (Apart from it being able to drive itself of course!)

There is higher torque in the lower gears resulting in quicker acceleration than a diesel engine which will have a huge impact in the quality of the drive. Also with the ability to save the electrical power and use a later time. For example, if you are driving 30miles to London, you can use the 1.0T Ecoboost Petrol engine to get you there, and then switch to full electric when you arrive for the ULEZ zones. 

Our Ford electric vehicles have been out on loan to some big companies within London City Centre over the last year; DHL, Addison Lee, British Gas etc. We are going to have TWO charging points stations at our Commercial Centre in Eastbourne, which will be accessible and free to use for our own customers who are purchasing their van directly from us!

There will be also be at certain charging station’s, the ability to get an 80% charge from just 20 minutes of charging time. 

You will HAVE to test drive it to believe it, but trust us... We can't wait to show you how impressive these models will be, their specifications and to see exactly how much money it can save YOU on your fuel compared to your usual diesel engine. The work that is going into the designs we've seen so far both interior and exterior is incredible, pulling together a slick, sharp and sleek model to get you from A to B but with an "ELECTRIFYING" addition.

That's us over and out for now, but as soon as we've got some more updates we'll be sure to write another post letting you know how we're feeling about it all and inviting you to come along and test out our latest additions.

 We'll even do "A day in the life style blog"...​