What is Euro 6 about?

Euro 6 is the latest in engine emission legislation being driven by the European Commission to improve air quality. To understand what Euro 6 is trying to achieve, we need a quick lesson on combustion.

Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), which is emitted by motor vehicles, combines with oxygen in the atmosphere, producing Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). These chemicals are the lead cause of photochemical smog. Euro 6 specifically targets the reduction of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) of all new Diesel engines. Euro-6 has been introduced on light commercial vehicles (LCVs) type approved from 1st September 2015 and all light commercial vehicles registered from 1st September 2016. This means that all Ford Euro-6 engines, petrol and diesel, will fully meet the London 2020 Ultra Low Emission Zone clean air requirements.

How Manufacturer's are Achieving the Euro 6 Standards

The method which Ford are achieving the Euro 6 Standards for the Transit/Tourneo Custom, Transit and Ranger is through a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) which is used with the New Ford EcoBlue engine. This method requires an additive; Urea or commonly known as AdBlue or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) which creates a chemical reaction between the AdBlue additive and Nitrogen Oxide which produces harmless substances (Water Vapour and Nitrogen).

This means that All-New Ford Transit/Tourneo Custom, Transit and Ranger Vehicles will have a second tank. The size of Ford AdBlue tanks are 21 litres for the Transit & Custom and 20 litres for the Ranger and have an estimated range of approximately 6,000 miles until refilling is required (Please note this is heavily dependant of driving style). The tank filler will be conveniently located next to the fuel filler.

At Euro Stage 6, Transit Connect does not need AdBlue giving it an advantage versus other manufacturer vans of its size.

What about the rest of the Transit Range?

There is a second method to achieving the Euro 6 Standards, which the Fiesta Van, Transit Courier and Transit/Tourneo Connect will use. The method of reducing NOx emissions is to use Lean NOx Traps (LNT). This method does not require any additive (AdBlue); instead the harmful chemicals are trapped and reduced to harmless emissions in fuel rich periods. No second tank is required, but Ford vehicles will still meet the Ultra Low Emission Zone clean air requirements.

If you would like any more information on Euro6 or Ford's New EcoBlue Engines contact us in branch by phone or by completing an enquiry form. Alternatively, come and visit us in branch.