Ford Transit Custom PHEV

When it comes to state-of-the-art engine technology, who said that it should be reserved for passenger vehicles? With the Ford Transit Custom PHEV, you will be able to experience the same high standards of Transit quality, all complemented by efficient and clean performance, rewarding driving dynamics, and a sense of style that will complement your business. Discover more at Birchwood Ford today.
Transit PHEV on the go
Ford Transit Custom PHEV The Ford Transit Custom PHEV looks set to transform the commercial motoring industry. WIth its innovative hybrid engine, the model is able to generate a maximum of 355Nm of torque, while the payload capacity of 1,000kg is easily accommodated. Plus, with the ability to cover 35 miles on electric power alone, the opportunity to get the most out of your running costs has never been better. What’s more, the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine offers a range of 310 miles, with regenerative braking helping charge the battery en route.
Transit PHEV

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Standout Exterior While the Transit Custom PHEV is certain to receive plenty of plaudits for its incredible hybrid engine, the standout charm of the model’s appearance shouldn’t go unrecognised. This is a vehicle that exudes style and great quality, thereby ensuring that your business will be making a great impression every time. With plenty of easy access to the 6m3 load space, striking LED headlights that offer exceptional visibility, and a well-concealed charging point, you can rest assured that the Ford Transit Custom PHEV makes its mark.
Transit PHEV
Stylish Interior Stepping inside the Ford Transit Custom PHEV presents you with a driving environment that epitomises contemporary design. This is a cabin that places you at the centre of everything, ensuring that all key controls are within easy reach and that critical driving information - such as charge status and range - are clearly visible and well presented. Exceptional craftsmanship can be enjoyed too, with premium materials adding to the levels of comfort on offer and the technology meaning you can stay fully connected wherever life takes you.
Transit PHEV Interior
Plug in model of Transit PHEV
Effortless Recharging One of the key concerns for any plug-in model is knowing you’re within easy reach of a charging point. In the Ford Transit Custom PHEV, not only will you be able to charge quickly wherever you are, the vehicle incorporates regenerative braking to help further charge the motor when on the go.
Key Information at a glance Range information and charge status are two of the most essential details required when driving a plug-in hybrid. In the Ford Transit Custom PHEV, this crucial information is clearly displayed on the instrument panel, meaning you’ll never be caught out with a lack of battery.
Transit PHEV charge status
Transit PHEV front lights
Daytime Running Lights It’s important to have the best possible visibility no matter where you travel, but it’s equally as important that you are visible to other road users. With the daytime running lights of the Ford Transit Custom PHEV, you can be certain other motorists will always see you coming.
Impressive Load Space The 6m3 loadspace of the Ford Transit Custom PHEV represents more than enough to overcome all manner of work requirements. In fact, this easily accessible loadspace can carry a maximum payload of 1,000kg, meaning there is almost no task which the model cannot overcome.
Transit PHEV open for loading

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Charging of Transit PHEV