Get an instant valuation for your Van or Pickup Truck.

Step 01 Vehicle details We collect your registration and approximate current mileage of your vehicle.
Step 02 Your details We will use these details to send you confirmation of your free valuation.
Step 03 Your valuation You'll receive three valuations that vary in value according to the condition on your vehicle.

Sell your Van or Truck to a reputable Ford Commercial dealer

Considering selling your current van or pickup truck quickly but unsure of what to expect? We can guide you through the process.

Commercial vehicle buying services often prove to be the fastest way to sell your van or truck. Simply enter a few details online and they will offer you an estimated price for your vehicle.

However, your valuation can change depending on the condition of your vehicle. When you take your vehicle to the premises of a vehicle buying service, your van or truck will be inspected before the final price is agreed.

How does it work?


It’s very straightforward when it comes to selling us your vehicle; all you need to provide is the current mileage and the number plate, as well as your own personal contact details. We’ll then provide you with an instant valuation which you can apply to any purchase. We at Birchwood Group will be in touch to discuss your part exchange in full.