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The Motability Scheme has been helping motorists with a disability gain access to high-quality new vehicles from leading manufacturers such as Ford for more than 40 years. The scheme, which is backed by the UK government, provides many benefits. It does, of course, also raise a lot of questions for those looking to benefit, so being able to rely on experienced professionals is vital. At Birchwood Ford, we’re pleased to be able to explain the scheme in full.

Aside from details relating to eligibility - which you can view on our eligibility page - and the benefits, it’s worth noting that the scheme provides two vehicle purchasing options: Contract Hire and Hire Purchase. These two packages are very much dependent on your own needs and circumstances.

Contract Hire

The most popular option is the Contract Hire agreement. Coming with a 45,000-mile allowance over three years, such a scheme enables you to lease a vehicles over this period and take advantage of a number of additional extras. Annual road tax, vehicle insurance, roadside assistance, servicing, and more are all included. Plus, at the end of the three years, you can exchange for a new model.

Hire Purchase

Alternatively, you may prefer the Hire Purchase agreement, particularly if you wish to purchase a used car via the scheme. The benefits of such an agreement include being able to exceed the mileage allowance and make comprehensive adaptations to your vehicle without the worry of having to make them to subsequent models. You will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of all the added extras, but you will own the vehicle outright.

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