Ford Mondeo Hybrid

A Day in the Life​

With our Eastbourne Ford Electrification Expert; Josh​

So we've headed over to Eastbourne Ford with Josh, whose our Electrification Expert and given us A Day in the Life style blog of his thoughts on the Ford Mondeo Hybrid.

So over to the man himself...

My Weekend with a Mondeo HEV Estate

Hi, I’m Josh and luckily enough after volunteering to be the Electrification Champion here at Ford Eastbourne, I was given the opportunity to take a Hybrid Mondeo (or HEV) for the weekend just gone in order to review and experience what a fantastic vehicle it really is. Honestly, before the weekend I was a bit sceptical about the whole ‘electric vehicle’, ‘self-charging’ and ‘hybrid technology’. However after the weekend I can positively say my mind has completed a full 180 degree turn.

After reading up on the vehicle before taking it out, I was in complete disbelief when I read that a 2.0L petrol engine, backed up by an electric motor could produce upwards of 45mpg. My previous car, before I worked at Ford only achieved 30mpg out of a 1.4 so when I completed my weekend to find my average economy at 51.2mpg, needless to say I was in awe, bearing in mind I don’t always have the lightest right foot. When starting the Mondeo up I was stunned to hear… nothing! I got a notification on one of the digital drivers display’s saying the car was ready to drive and off I went. It’s not until the car reaches 30mph that the engine kicks in, and even then while braking 90% of the energy is renewed through clever technology within the brakes. In addition to this, the vehicle is completely self-charging, meaning less trips to the petrol station and no time waiting for it to charge at home. The engine is always working to keep the battery charged, always using that as the primary fuel source to remain as eco-friendly as possible and allows for super low emissions at only 98g/km.

Immediately after I had fine-tuned my seating position using the fully electric, plush heated leather seats with electric lumbar support I was in complete comfort. I set the ambient lighting to my favourite colour, red, and immediately felt at home. Furthermore, with the addition of dual zone, automatic climate control I didn’t have to worry about fumbling around with the temperature. With ease I connected my iPhone to the SYNC 3 system just using a USB cable, inbuilt with Apple CarPlay (and also Android Auto, don’t worry!) and was greeted by the familiar Apple home screen. For those who aren’t too au fait with mobile tech, the system on its own with an 8” touchscreen, DAB radio, inbuilt Sat-Nav and Bluetooth just to name a few is easy to navigate and incredibly intuitive. You’ll have no problem getting used to it! On top of this, I was pleasantly surprised to see within the other digital drivers display that the Mondeo actually teaches you how to drive it while learning your technique, in order to help you achieve the highest economy possible. You are measured via acceleration, braking and coasting and then given a score out of 5. This then correlates with your ‘efficiency score’ measured in leaves. I was glad to achieve 4/5 leaves within only 48hrs of driving.

The chunky leather steering wheel added a subtle element of sportiness to the refined, elegant car and the instant torque from the electric motor, well, wow is all I can say. For a vehicle that weighs nearly 1.8 tonnes, harnessing the 187ps was a breeze and I felt completely in control, even at 70mph with the horrible British weather buffeting at no expense. Overtaking on the dual-carriageway home felt natural, and under 30mph driving in complete silence was completely surreal. Honestly? Not hearing the natural hum of a petrol, or the rumble of a diesel engine at first was very weird, however quicker than I thought I got used to it and fell in love with the silence. Especially with the refined suspension even going round tight bends the Mondeo has no rocking or sluggishness. For a big, heavy car I was expecting it to feel like a barge but I am pleasantly surprised to say it has the perfect balance of comfort to excitement.

My overall opinion of the Mondeo Estate Hybrid is a completely positive one. From outstanding economy, to acres of space in the boot and an incredibly exciting drive, I would urge everyone thinking about making the upgrade to an electric vehicle to definitely pop down and experience the Mondeo for themselves.

Thanks for reading!