5 new technologies you'll want to experience

On the Ford Focus available to test drive from Brichwood Ford in Eastbourne, Hastings and Halland.

The Ford Focus is just around the corner and will be hitting UK roads this Summer. Ford have said that the Ford Focus is "their best car yet" which is a huge statement when you think of incredible cars such as the multi-award winning Ford Fiesta, which still remains the UK's most popular car, or the EcoSport, Ford's latest SUV which launched last February.

So what is it that makes all-new Focus Ford's best car yet?

Is it the fact that it is available with four exciting new derivatives, including the Titanium series, ST-Line, Vignale and Active? Or perhaps it is the fact that this Ford icon has been completely redesigned and is the best looking to date? Maybe. Perhaps it is both of these things, but also that fact that the Focus is considered Ford's most technologically advanced car yet.

​Here are 5 new driver assist technologies that the Ford Focus features, that you didn't even realise you wanted:​

1. Enhanced Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Make any commute comfortable with Ford's enhanced adaptive cruise control. Rather than the conventional cruise control which maintains an adjustable steady speed, Ford's adaptive cruise control helps maintain a safe driving distance from vehicles ahead, adjusting speed accordingly. Plus with added extras including; Stop & Go which helps negotiate stop-start traffic,Speed Sign Recognition, which will automatically adjust your speed depending on the limit, and Lane Centring which monitors road markings to ensure you don't merge into another lane or on-coming traffic by delivering audible and visual warnings, the all-new Focus will ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Enhanced Adaptive Cruise Control

2. Adaptive Front Lighting System

Ford's new Adaptive Front Lighting System with predictive curve light and sign-based light ensures maximum visibility before reaching a curve, junction or roundabout. This is achieved by a forward-facing camera which monitors lane markings up to 65 metres ahead meaning the system is able to anticipate the road ahead. For corners, the headlamps are angled in order to maximise visibility around a bend to improve drivers sight (This is enhanced over its predecessor which relied solely on the driver's steering wheel motion). When approaching a junction or roundabout, the adaptive front lighting system will widen the beam in order to better illuminate potential hazards which aren't in the direction you are travelling.

Adaptive Front Lighting has added uses too, including Glare-Free high beam, which will prevent the guilt of accidentally dazzling other road users during night-time driving.

Adaptive Front Lighting System

3. Active Park Assist 2

No matter how tough the manoeuvre may be, Ford's 'Active Park Assist 2' takes the stress out of parking. Whether it is parallel and perpendicular parking, the all-new Focus will be able to fit in the tightest of spaces (110cm longer than the car to be exact). From there, at the touch of a button, the system will fully automate the manoeuvre for you, controlling acceleration, braking and steering.

It doesn't stop there, When it comes to pulling out of a space, Active Park Assist will help there too, with an appropriately named "Park-Out Assist", which will allow you to safely pull away from a space.

Active Park Assist 2

4. Heads Up Display​ (HUD)

As the first Ford vehicle in Europe to offer a heads-up display (HUD), the all-new Ford Focus enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road by projecting useful information into their field of vision onto a retractable polycarbonate screen. To maximise visibility, Ford's heads up display is amongst the brightest available and can display useful information such as; Speed, Traffic Sign Recognition, Adaptive Cruise Control, Navigation, Shift Indicator, Entertainment System, and Emergency Notifications.

Heads Up Display

5. Evasive Steering Assist

Whether your driving in the city or driving at speed on a motorway, 'Evasive Steering Assist' is designed to detect slower-moving and stationary vehicles ahead by using a combination of radar and camera. The system with then provide steering support to enable drivers to manoeuvre around a vehicle if a collision is imminent and will help avoid an accident.

Evasion Steering Assist

PLUS ONE EXTRA - FordPass Connect

Now. We couldn't have a list of the Focus's exciting new technology and not mention this. We are of course talking about Ford's FordPass Connect, which allows you to interact with your new car like never before! A easy to navigate app which you can download on your smart phone enables:

  • Remote access to your vehicle
  • Remote start (only available on the new 8-speed automatic transmission only)
  • Locate your vehicle
  • Review your vehicle's health status, including Fuel level, alarm status, oil life and mileage
  • Wireless charging
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot with connectivity up to 10 devices

And much much more!

FordPass Connect is enabled through Ford SYNC3 latest features and is set to be launched across future Ford models, however, the all-new Focus is, for now, the only new Ford model available with this!

FordPass Connect

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All-new Ford Focus technology